The CREATE H2O program for First Nations water and sanitation security is designed to address research science and training gaps that are preventing effective, culturally appropriate investments in water and sanitation security on First Nations reserves.

The CREATE H2O program is the first science-engineering research training program in Canada that combines technical water and wastewater management training with Indigenous theory, law and methodological skills training.

It is funded by a $1.65-million grant over six years from the Collaborative Research and Training Experience program of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, plus matching funds from research partners. Since April 2013, the CREATE H2O program has involved more than 70 students at the undergraduate, graduate and postdoc level. All students are working on research projects related to First Nation source water, drinking water or wastewater systems.

Important Announcements

At the Edge of Canada: Indigenous Research - H2O CREATE Conference Keynote Dr. Priscella Settee can be listened to here.

At the Edge of Canada: Indigenous Research - H2O CREATE Conference Keynote Dr. Lalita Bharadwaj can be listened to here.

UM Today article on the 4th Annual H2O CREATE First Nation Water Research Conference can be found here.

The 4th annual H2O First Nation Water Research Conference was held June 1-2, 2017, in the Moot Court of Robson Hall at the University of Manitoba. Information can be found here.

At the Edge of Canada: Indigenous Research - Guest Dr. Annemieke Farenhorst can be listed to here.

Presentations from the 2016 Water Rights Conference are now being posted.

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Here is a link to Information on Working with First Nations communities


Applications & Financial Support

Other Program Information

For more information or scholarship application forms, please contact:

Wendy Ross, Program Coordinator – CREATE H2O

Centre for Human Rights Research

Room 442 Robson Hall

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2N2

Tel. 204-474-8822

Fax. 204-474-7580