The 5th annual H2O First Nation Water Research Conference

Was held May 17-18, 2018 at the University of Manitoba.

Registration was open to students and professors involved with First Nation water research, as well as First Nation community partners and industry representatives interested in this research.


Conference Summary

Conference Presentations

Presenter Affiliation Title
Kristy Anderson

U Manitoba
MSc Student

Household drinking water security in Pine Creek First Nation PDF of Presentation , Video of Presentation

Lakeisha Barkman

U of Manitoba
Engineering Access Program student

Household water and Sewage Survey and program in Garden Hill First Nation PDF of Presentation, Video of Presentation

Wilfred Buck

Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre

Indigenous knowledge and western science Video of Presentation

Marie-Claire Buell

Trent U
MSc student

Community Based Research Video of Presentation

Donald Dysart

U College of the North
Undergrad Student

Water quality considerations for South Indian Lake, Manitoba PDF of Presentation

Masoud Goharrokhi

U of Manitoba
PhD Candidate

Evaluation of two high-­flow-­rate suspended sediment samplers for sediment source fingerprinting in the Nelson River PDF of Presentation

Jerome Harper

U of Manitoba
Undergraduate Student

Sewer and Water Retrofit of Housing: From Pails to Cisterns in Wasagamack Island Lake PDF and Video of Presentation. See also this Related Video about Wasagamack housing.

Stewart Hill

U of Manitoba
PhD Candidate

An Autoethnographic Examination of the Relationship between God's Lake First Nation and water in the Canadian Colonial Context PDF of Presentation , Video of Presentation

Nicolas Leclerc

U of Manitoba
BSc student

Comparison of plant processes and operations for producing potable water from the available source water PDF of Presentation

Ruidong Mi

U of Manitoba
MSc student

Detection of E. coli E. coli/total coliforms and antibiotic resistance genes in drinking water collectedfrom Pine Creek First Nation in Manitoba PDF of Presentation