Financial Support

Full-time participants in the program will receive a stipend up to:
  1. $9,000 for undergraduate students.
  2. $17,500 a year for master's students for two years
  3. $21,000 a year for PhD students for up to four years
  4. $45,000 a year for postdocs
  5. Students who earn a major scholarship equal to or greater than the normal maximum H2O annual stipend will be eligible for a $3,000 top-up from the H2O program.

    Part-time students accepted into the program will receive a stipend equal to their tuition fees. (Note that full-time students may use their stipends to cover tuition fees.)

    Financial support is also available for professional work terms, either from the employer (industry) or the CREATE H2O program (non-profit placements).

    Other potential funding sources:

    1. University of Manitoba graduate student travel awards.
    2. University of Manitoba Faculty of Graduate Studies awards database.