Previous Water Rights Conferences

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The CREATE H2O Science and Engineering Training Program


The Right to Clean Water in First Nations Project


The Third Annual University of Manitoba Water Rights Conference

The Agenda

Conference Presentations

Presenter Affiliation Title
Daryl Redsky

Shoal lake 40

Introduction to the Keynote Speaker

Video of Mr. Redsky's Keynote Presentation

Ayush Kumar

U of M Associate Professor Dep't of Microbiology

Detection of antibiotic resistance genes in water systems from a First Nation community in Manitoba Slides OR Video

Karen Busby

U of M Prof. of Law; Director Centre for Human Rights Research

Blue Lakes and Rocky shores: Canada's Obligations to Ensure Access to Water and Sanitation in First Nations Slides

Geethani Eragoda

U of M Ph.D student Dep't of Soil Science

Drinking water quality attributes in piped and cistern water in First Nation communities in Manitoba Slides

Vanja Karpisek

U of M M.Sc student Dep't of Civil Engineering

Natural Wetlands As Additional Wastewater Treatment For Phosphorus Removal In Lake Manitoba First Nation Community Slides

Janice Rots-Bone

U of M Masters of Arts student

Water was never surrendered in Treaty Five Slides

Amanda Klasing

Human Rights Watch Women’s Rights Senior Researcher

MAKE IT SAFE Canada’s Obligation to End the First Nations Water Crisis Web Page OR Video OR Slides

Katherine Starzyk

U of M Assistant Professor Dep't of Psychology

Framing Water as a Right Increases Support for Resolving First Nations Water Issues Fact Sheet OR Video


The Second Annual University of Manitoba Water Rights Conference

Conference Presentations

Distinguished Speaker

Ovide Mercredi (Video)

Drinking Water
Presenter Title
Shirley Thompson Wasagamack - Living without running water and sewage Slides
Geethani Eragoda and Frank Cook Comparison of drinking water quality in two water distribution systems common to First Nation communities in Manitoba Slides
Kenneth Brezinski Monitoring the Natural Organic Matter Composition of Lake Winnipegosis Using Solid Phase Extraction Slides
Source Water
Presenter Title
Johanna Theroux Identifying Sediment Sources in Norway House Cree Nation Source Water Using Sediment Fingerprinting Slides
Waste Water
Presenter Title
Jonathan Challis Measurement of Wastewater Contaminants in Norway House Cree Nation Slides
Mahrooz Sabri The Effects of Freeze/Thaw Treatment on Wastewater Sludge Character Slides
Presenter Title
Colin Bonnycastle The Right to Clean Water in First Nations: The Photovoice Project Slides
Karen Busby Essential Services of reasonable quality to all Canadians Slides
Matthew Quesnel Increasing Openness to Persuasive Appeals Slides


The First Annual University of Manitoba Water Rights Conference

Conference Presentations

Invited Speaker
Presenter Title
Katherine Morrisseau-Sinclair Lake Winnipeg Water Walk 2014. Video
Presentations by H2O Students and Professors
Presenter Title
Geethani Arachchilage Drinking Water Quality as Affected by Water Treatment, Distribution, and Source Water Quality. Slides
Charles D. Goss Simple Method for Monitoring Organic Matter Composition in Manitoba Surface Waters. Slides
Richard Herman Sources of Drinking Water Contamination for the M'Chigeeng First Nation in West Bay, Manitoulin Island. Slides
Johanna Theroux What are the effects of the Two Mile Channel on Sedimentation and Contamination in Norway House Cree Nation Waters? Slides
Ayush Kumar Prevalence of Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Urbanized Near-Shore Zone of Lake Ontario. Slides
Ru Li Comparison of PMA-based 16S rDNA and 16S rRNA Illumina sequencing methods to discriminate dead and active microbes in water samples. Slides
Presentations by Community Partners
Presenter Title
Irving Leblanc
Assembly of First Nations
National Perspective on First Nations drinking water and wastewater. Slides
Pat Linklater
Nisichawayasihk councilor
Where Three Rivers Meet Slides
Ken Mattes Manitoba First Nations Circuit Rider Training Program Manitoba First Nations Circuit Rider Training Program Slides
Social Science Presentations
Presenter Title
Chantelle Bellrichard What Will Make Canadians Care? Interview with presenter Katelin Neufeld
Aimée Craft and Elders PDF of the Anishinaabe Water Law Report
Khan Jahirul Islam Socio-Economic Well-Being and Water Infrastructure Slides
Behnaz Alimohammadisagvand Alternative Financing for Water and Sanitation Infrastructure Slides
Nana Ama Addae-Boahene Advocacy Slides
Brenda Elias Navigating the Right to Water Slides
Katherine Starzyk Issues in Interdisciplinary Collaboration Slides