Presentations from the


First Nation water rights research conference

A partnership between CREATE H2O


The Right to Clean Water in First Nations Project

Note: Presentations are being added as they become available.

Presenter Affiliation Title

Daryl Redsky

Shoal lake 40

Introduction to the Keynote Speaker

Video of Mr. Redsky's Keynote Presentation

Ayush Kumar

U of M Associate Professor Dep't of Microbiology

Detection of antibiotic resistance genes in water systems from a First Nation community in Manitoba Slides OR Video of his presentation

Karen Busby

U of M Prof. of Law; Director Centre for Human Rights Research

Blue Lakes and Rocky shores: Canada's Obligations to Ensure Access to Water and Sanitation in First Nations Slides of her Presentation

Geethani Eragoda

U of M Ph.D student Dep't of Soil Science

Drinking water quality attributes in piped and cistern water in First Nation communities in Manitoba Slides of her Presentation

Vanja Karpisek

U of M M.Sc student Dep't of Civil Engineering

Natural Wetlands As Additional Wastewater Treatment For Phosphorus Removal In Lake Manitoba First Nation Community Slides of her Presentation

Janice Rots-Bone

U of M Masters of Arts student

Water was never surrendered in Treaty Five Slides of her Presentation

Amanda Klasing

Human Rights Watch Women’s Rights Senior Researcher

MAKE IT SAFE Canada’s Obligation to End the First Nations Water Crisis Web Page OR Video OR Slides of her Presentation

Katherine Starzyk

U of M Assistant Professor Dep't of Psychology

Framing Water as a Right Increases Support for Resolving First Nations Water Issues Fact Sheet OR Video of her presentation